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  • You earn money by shooting short, simple clips.
  • Each week we'll launch a new campaign with 10 videos to shoot.
  • You choose 1-10 videos at a time to make and submit.
  • We provide reference videos so you can see exactly what you’re meant to do.
  • We will review each video and pay only for those that meet our quality bar. If we don’t pay you for a clip, we won't use it.
  • The review process happens the week after the campaign is closed.
  • Once we confirm the number of approved videos, we will send you your payment through PayPal.
  • Any billing questions, please email


  • We have lots of trends & available shots to choose from. Each video is identified with a specific number.
  • Click on the video you would like to replicate.
  • You will be redirected to a registration page.
  • Once you register, the system will open your recording session.
  • You’ll receive specific audio instructions to follow.
  • Once you have recorded a clip, you’ll have a chance to review it.
  • You can record each clip as many times as you want, until you are satisfied.
  • You can also edit the length of the video for final submission.
  • Click “Submit” and the video will be sent to us.
  • If you want to create another clip, go to the main page and repeat the process!


  • We will review the videos you submit the week after the campaign is closed.
  • If your videos match our criteria, we will buy them from you for the price listed on the website.
  • The Company will not be compelled to buy any of the videos produced by the Creator.
  • If the Company does not find any videos usable from the whole batch to be bought, no explanation will be provided.
  • If half of the campaign is purchased, you'll get 10% extra. If the whole campaign is purchased, you'll get 20% extra.


All videos Sent by the Creator will automatically be running according to the “owner and licenseship” section (review “terms and conditions”), irrespective of the Company’s confirmation regarding which videos will be purchased.


Usable Criteria: “Usable Videos” criteria are defined by technical video aspects and may be subject to change, at the full discretion of the Company. Usual criteria for “usability” being, but are not limited to:

  • Timing (the video has to synch perfectly with the given example)
  • Performance (the creator should act like the trend is described)
  • Background (should be a nice neat background)
  • Noise (Sound should be clean and without any foley or effect)
  • Length (Should be as long as specified in the video)
  • Brands & logos (There should be no logos or brands visible on camera)
  • Quality (1080) Use your phone. Please avoid recording with a computer/laptop. ​

Creator hereby grants all rights to challenge Company criteria and decisions. The Company criteria and decisions are final.