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Can anyone from any part of the word participate?
Yes. You just need to have a PayPal account and feel like having fun!
Where can I see the final product with my videos?
If the videos we buy from you are finally used in any of our client's Ads, you'll probably see them on social media.
How much money can I make on CA$H Clip?
It basically depends on your commitment! If you read the instructions carefully and follow them, all your videos should be admisible for us to buy! It that scenario, you can make from $70 for 10 videos or more!. Go, go, go!
Can I share the videos on my social media?
Please don't. Once we buy the videos from you, we own them, so you won't be able to share them. 
What are the requirements to participate?
You must be +18 and have a PayPal account. Also, you need to be sure you'll follow the instructions correctly. 
How can I make sure CA$H PER CLIP won't use the video they don't buy?
After you shoot and we approve the footage, you'll receive a release to sign that will contain the detail of the clips CA$H PER CLIP will buy. Once it signed, CA$H PER CLIP will only have permission to use the clips listed and the other will be deleted from the database. 
Is there any support or guidance available for creating videos on the platform?
The campaigns have clear instructions and the videos are really easy to shoot. You shouldn't have any issue! But if you have any questions, contact us admin@cashperclip.com
Should I have any special precautions at the time of filming?
Yes. If you're shooting outside, please be careful about other people, we don't want to see anybody's face but yours ;) Also, remember not to wear any branded clothes or have branded posters or merch behind you while shooting. Last but not least, we highly recommend filming during the morning or afternoon, letting natural light in through a window that is in front or on the side (never behind!)
Do I have to sign a release? How?
In order to be able to shoot a Campaign, you'll need to accept our Terms and Conditions, please read them carefully. After that, and if we decide to buy clips from you, we'll send a buying contract with the list of videos we need, that will guarantee, legally, that we have no rights to the rest of the unpurchased videos. We will send this contract by email.